Lab 8: Mapping - Review Terms and Concepts


contour line


contour interval


index contour


elevation contour




sea level


topographic map


x,y,z data examples


x,y location


z value


locating a point


number line


linear interpolation


two points lie on a straight line


plane (planar surface)


three points lie in a plane


triangulation of scattered data points


triangulation with linear interpolation


parallel contours on planes


interpretation after linear interpolation


examples of scattered x,y,z data


grid (grid model)


grid node


advantage of grid


grid algorithm


color-filled contours


smooth slopes




closed contours (closure)










creeks and valleys


V-ing of contours at creeks


direction of flow from V-ing of contours


Bone Canyon location


Bone Canyon topography description


Bone Canyon topography elevation range


Apache Canyon location


Apache Canyon topography description


Apache Canyon topography elevation range


alluvial fan