Jun 10, 2008


My Spore Creation Li..ih..ihh..ihhhves!


Want to try your luck at evolution? Want to spend countless hours playing a computer game? Want to have some fun and laughter?


Meet BiSpike









From humble beginnings,


to a terrestrial sphere,


walked a curious creature,


with sharp beak to fear.


It was scythed, and stood in a linebacker pose,


then taller and longer, with fangs on the nose,


then squatty again, in tri-eyed regression.


Came antennae splayed wide,


and a colored expression,


to gawky composure and a very long neck,


Came eyes all around,


and a mustache on deck.


Bedazzling at present, with feather and fez,


ready for anything, going off the rez!


BiSpike thrives in the wild world of Spore,


a cool game by Maxis you cannot ignore.


Learning evolution is unbelievably virtuous,


go out now and unabashedly purchase it! :)