Lab 7: Evolution of the Vertebrates


This phylogenetic arrangement comes from an accumulation of character and group information from courses such as "The Age of Dinosaurs" at the Univ. of Texas, where I was a teaching assistant, and from my own offerings of this course later, which I called "The Evolution of Dinosaurs," and other paleontology and historical geology courses taught over the years. It is out of date in places for sure, so should be updated at some point for agreement with recent analyses where needed.


Click the first group, Deuterostomata, to begin walking through the vertebrate family tree, observing characters for each node (characters that, per analysis, are evolutionary novelties -- synapomorphies -- at each node):











              | +-Hyperoartia

              | +-Jawless Fishes









                        | +-Coelacanthimorpha

                        | +-Dipnoi





                            | +-Primitive Synapsids

                            | +-Mammalia

                            |   +-Monotremata

                            |   +-Marsupialia

                            |   +-Eutheria

                            |     +-Edentata

                            |       +-Glires

                            |       +-Archonta

                            |       +-Insectivora

                            |       +-Carnivora

                            |       +-Ungulata


                              | +-Testudines


                                +-Primitive Diapsids